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Hoyos’ Hot Sauce

The healthiest Hot Sauce


Natural Ingredients: Get you nutrients from Hoyo’s Hot Sauce! 


Hoyos Hot Sauce is unique and nutritious, made up of vegetables and herbs to produce its fantastic taste. This Sauce is produced in the heart of England inside Hoyo’s kitchen, which means mum in the Somali language, using organically grown vegetables and herbs as well as high quality equipment, to be sold locally and nationally. Competing world wide to take over the Hot Sauce industry, Hoyo’s Sauce is committed to enhance the quality of the sauce and make it popular in the UK. The Sauce itself is further supported by the fact that there are absolutely no added preservatives, food colouring, artificial flavouring and it is also gluten free. Pure passion and drive was used to produce the best Hot Sauce in the country.  As the producer I share with you my ideas into producing this sauce. Originally coming from Somalia the horn of Africa I brought my roots with me into the kitchen when it came to making this mind blowing idea, which would leave ones taste buds infatuated. Somalia is a part of my life and me and I feel it would be a big shame for me not to share the culinary part of my culture and the variety of taste and flavour it can bring to family homes nationally and internationally. The aim is to provide 4 different types of chilli sauces. Hoyo’s hot sauce brings a taste of Somalia to every mouth it enters. Our specialist made amouth-watering sauce to compliment any dish and is a must for all kitchens. As a Somali female, a mother of three kids Hoyo’s Hot Sauce is not just any ordinary chilli sauce but it has embezzled its way in to our life making it self a permanent fixture in our kitchens. It makes meal times just that much more special. Because of this, I want everyone to experience the taste of Hoyos Hot Sauce. 


Hoyos Hot Sauce exists in 4 types of Hot sauce flavours. Sweet Hoyos Hot Sauce, Lemon and Herbs Hoyos Hot Sauce, the original Hoyos Hot sauce and finally the latest addition, Extra Hot Hoyos Hot Sauce.