Hoyo's Sweet Sauce (Code: )

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The sweet is a very unique taste of dates not too hot, too sweet and too sour is just perfect to used for any dish , and it’s good to marinate and have like depend sauce for grilled food.

Moisture                                               77.5 g/100g

Fat (Werner Schmidt)                           3.6 g/100g

Protein (N x 6.25)                                  0.5 g/100g

Ash                                                           0.9 g/100g

Dietary Fibre (A.O.A.C)                         2.8 g/100g

Available Carbohydrates                    14.7 g/100g


Energy value                                         99 kcal/100g

Energy value                                      415 kJ/100g


Fat (of which saturates )                       0.5 g/109g

Starch (By difference )                          2.8  g/100g

Total sugars (as Sucrose )                   11.9 g/100g

Sodium (Na)                                          180 mg/100g


Saturated fatty acids                           15.1 g/100g fat

Mono unsaturated acids                    38.5 g/100g fat

Poly unsaturated acids                       42.0 g/100g fat


Transfer fatty  acids                              0.1 g/100g fat 


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