Hoyo's Lemon Sauce (Code: )

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The lemon & herbs is very unique taste like lemony taste given to you fresh chilli flavour and can be used for any dish and marinated for everything. But my favourite used is like vegetables dish and like any of sale dressing.


Moisture                                           89.2 g/100g 

Fat (Werner Schmidt)                       0.1 g/100g 

Protein (N x 6.25)                              0.9 g/100g 

Ash                                                       1.3 g/100g 

Dietary fibre (A.O.A.C)                      1.0 g/100g 

Available carbohydrates                   7.5 g/100g 


Energy value                                       37 kcal/100g 

Energy value                                       155 kJ/100g         



Fat (of which saturates)                     0.0 g/100g 

Starch (By difference)                        4.2 g/100g 

Total sugars (as Sucrose)                   3.3 g/100g 



Saturated fatty acids                        trace   g/100g  fat    


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